Ovarian stimulation with programmed intercourse

Technique based on synchronizing sexual relations with ovulation, according to a previous determination.

Ovarian stimulation with programmed intercourse is a reproduction technique in which we determine, based on your ovulation, when is the best time to achieve pregnancy naturally.

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Controlled Ovarian Stimulation: A Way to Achieve Your Dream

This procedure involves giving medications that will stimulate the ovary to produce one or more eggs.

In this respect, ovulation induction is for you if you have a diagnosis of anovulation, as well as if your age and ovarian reserve allow it. For this reason, we invite you to a first infertility consultation.

How does this procedure work?

During this treatment, the response to the treatment is closely monitored by means of ultrasound ovulation monitoring, consisting of ultrasound studies aimed at documenting follicular development, i.e. the growth of the ovarian structures containing the eggs.

Typically, two to four ultrasounds are scheduled per cycle to document an appropriate response.

When determining the day on which ovulation will occur, instructions are given on the scheduling of sexual activity.

With this technique, a maximum of three to four cycles is recommended and if pregnancy is not achieved, it is preferable to change the therapeutic strategy.

When to consider ovarian stimulation with programmed intercourse?


Have a diagnosis of anovulation (lack of ovulation)


Couples with a confirmed infertility situation


Couples who do not want to resort to assisted reproduction techniques

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