ICSI-FIV: treatment of male infertility

Within the group of services in assisted reproduction you will find ICSI-IVF, which is basically the same procedure as in vitro fertilization, whereas the insemination technique is different.

Learn more about this technique and let’s value the possibility of achieving the pregnancy you’ve longed for.

What’s ICSI-IVF? learn more about this assisted reproduction technique

This procedure involves giving medications that will stimulate the ovary to produce one or more eggs.

In this respect, ovulation induction is for you if you have a diagnosis of anovulation, as well as if your age and ovarian reserve allow it. For this reason, we invite you to a first infertility consultation.

How does this procedure work?

In this sense, adequate controlled ovarian stimulation, adequate ultrasound monitoring, and subsequent ultrasound-guided egg retrieval are required, in an O.R. and under anesthesia., the obtained eggs will be reviewed and classified by a qualified embryologist.

This is where the procedure changes, as the selected eggs will be injected by one sperm each. Say injection is carried out with hydraulic micro handlers specially designed for this purpose.

Review of the fertilization and subsequent division of the embryos will be carried out in a similar way to the technique used in in vitro fertilization.

The embryos will be transferred from the 2nd to the 5th day after aspiration, in the same way as in IVF.

Doubts about intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)? :

Surely you have many doubts about ICSI-IVF, so I invite you to contact me so together we can assess your case and help you make the best decision.