Fertility preservation in Reynosa

Whether for social or medical reasons, preserving fertility is an excellent alternative for women whose desire is to delay childbearing.

Learn more about this technique and take the right decision.

Egg freezing

The egg freezing is carried out by a special process called vitrification; thanks to this technique the oocytes are well preserved for long periods of time.

This vitrification technique has its maximum application in women who will undergo radiotherapy treatments, chemotherapy, also will be useful in cases of risk of premature ovarian failure, or women who want to postpone their motherhood without diminishing their fertility.

It is important to remember that this treatment only preserves fertility, without protecting ovarian function and each case must be assessed individually.

Embryo freezing

The average time to complete this technique is about 15 days since ovarian stimulation with gonadotropins is required, after this it time can begin treatment against cancer (Radiotherapy and chemotherapy).

The chances of an embryo surviving the processes of freezing and thawing, and therefore achieving pregnancy, are greater than with the vitrification of eggs or ovarian tissue.

Thus, this treatment represents the best option for preservation of fertility, however it does not entail the protection of ovarian function.

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