Frozen embryo transfer

The transfer of frozen embryos is assisted reproduction technique that can help you to make your dream of having a baby come true.

If you already know in vitro fertilization, then you should know what this procedure consists of.

Whenever pregnancy is achieved, the development of your pregnancy is completely normal.

What is the transfer of frozen embryos?

Embryos can remain after an in vitro Fertilization procedure, which can be frozen to preserve them.

For this, a special technique called vitrification is used, which allows to keep them intact for many years.

In order to transfer these embryos, the endometrium will be prepared with medications that will make it more receptive, usually needing 10 to 14 days to be prepared.

The transfer of frozen embryos will be done with a special cannula, under ultrasound control to verify that the embryos have been deposited in the uterine cavity.

The embryos used are usually thawed on the day of the transfer, however, they can be thawed from the day before the transfer.

Two weeks after the transfer, a pregnancy test will be performed.

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