Tubaric recanalization in Reynosa

Many women choose tubal ligation as a definitive contraceptive method when making the decision not to have children.

However, between 6 and 8% will reconsider this decision with the passage of time. If you are part of this group of women and would like to become a mother again, then you have to know more about the tubal recanalization in Reynosa

How can I get pregnant if my tubes are tied?

Many couples do not know the process of tubal recanalization and therefore, they believe that the procedure is an irreversible process.

In the hands of specialized and well trained personnel, the possibility that the tubes are permeable and functional again is approximately 50% to 60%.

Can I get pregnant after a tubal recanalization ?

Whether you want to start a new life or  your life took a considerable turn, reversing the tubal ligation is possible

If this is achieved, the opportunity to get a pregnancy spontaneously is very high.

Sometimes the tubes do not recover good functionality and / or remain blocked despite the attempt to rebuild.

This happens generally when they are very deteriorated as a result of the technique used for the ligature, in which a long portion of the tube has been resected or cauterized.

Fallopian tube recanalization Clinic in Reynosa

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